First Visit to Coors Field

Coors Field in Denver, Colorado is considered the most hitter-friendly ballpark in all of Major League Baseball. What that means is that more home runs are hit in a single season here than at any other stadium across the country. If you are headed for a Colorado Rockies game there, expect an exciting, high-scoring baseball game. Coors Field has its own unique attractions to offer as well as Rockies baseball. Read about some inside information that might make your first visit to Coors Field all the more memorable.

Watch Batting Practice at Coors Field
Batting practice at Coors Field is a great time to see some really fly long balls as batters try to take advantage of the high altitude to flex their muscles. Teams at Coors Field usually begin practice 2 hours before a ball game although you can only enter the ballpark 1.5 hours before game time. Head over to sections 148 through 160 to watch your favorite players practicing.

Blue Moon Brewing Co, the Sandlot
Do you love microbrew beers? The Sandlot is the place to find a wide selection of local and international brews at Coors Field. Located just behind section 112 in the main concourse, the Sandlot offers standard American cuisine to accompany great beer.

Camarena Loft
The Camarena Loft offers a bird’s-eye view of the stadium from beyond centerfield. Entrance to this deck is subject to availability and it is usually very difficult to access the area during sold-out games. If you go early enough, you can find a great spot to sit and enjoy a full service bar, concession stands, and be able to watch the game on LCD TVs’ that line the bar showing a live telecast of the game. Even during popular games the Loft is significantly less crowded an hour before the game as compared to any time during the game.

Coors Field Food
With nearly 200 concession stands all around the concourse, there are no limits to what you can find when it comes to food at Coors Field. Apart from the usual baseball favorite foods like hot dogs and nachos, you will find some interesting and unique foods like Apple fries, frozen yogurt, gluten free food and even hot soup. Be sure to check out the “Beers of the world” concession stand and try a cold one from a city far away.

Mountain Ranch Bar and Grille
The Mountain Ranch Bar and Grille is another great bar/restaurant that is open to all ticket holders at Coors Field. The ranch is near Gate B close to section 111. The restaurant and bar offers great food and drinks, served up with an excellent view of the right field.

Rockies Souvenirs
A trip to Coors Field wouldn’t be complete without a purchase of a souvenir or a novelty item from the team store. Aside from many concession stands that sell souvenirs all around the ballpark, you will also find a great 7,000 square feet team store called the Diamond Dry Goods store, located alongside first base, in the main concourse. If you want to pick up souvenirs for your kids, you will be better off to try the Buckaroos children’s store in the left field section of the ballpark.

Visit the Interactive Area
The interactive area is a fantastic place where you can try playing baseball in front of virtual machines that will test your pitching and hitting capabilities. There are attractions here that will appeal to both adults and kids. Be forewarned that an audience usually watches your success and failure on the machines. You will find the Interactive Area alongside Gate A.

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